• Supply Chain & Supply Chain Risk Management

    In this increasingly global and complex business environment, an ineffective Supply Chain will drive customers away, waste valuable resources, and create unnecessary regulatory and supply chain risks. Customers, shareholders, and regulators expect today’s companies to maintain control of their products from the very beginning of the supply chain through final consumption. CRL can help.

    CRL’s experts have worked in-house in some of the most recognized companies in the world, building pragmatic cost effective solutions that deliver results.

     Services we provide:

    • Supply Chain Risk Management
      • Global Supply Chain Risk assessment – a risk based understanding of your supply chain vulnerabilities
      • Process development to support identification, quantification, prioritization, and mitigation of supply chain risks
    • Strategic Supply Chain
      • Supply Chain Best Practices including Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Inventory Optimization, Master Scheduling, Capacity Management, Production Scheduling, and Material Planning & Procurement assessment and implementation
      • Improvement initiatives – Process/Operational Excellence, Lean Enterprise, World Class Manufacturing implementation
      • Policy & procedures development, creation of customized tools & templates, and employee and supplier training – Evaluation, Development, Implementation, and Training
      • ERP, MRP, Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and e-procurement systems assessment, bench marking, selection, implementation and guidance
      • Commercial product launch supply strategies
      • Distribution logistics assessment and implementation support – storage, transportation and route to market (including temperature sensitive products).
    • Supplier Management
      • Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Strategies program development and maintenance.
      • Global Supplier Risk assessment
      • Implementation support for Supplier Management program roll-out
      • Program process monitoring/maturation
      • Supplier audit and review


    Supply Chain Modeling

    SCAIRTM  We also offer access to SCAIRTM (Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risks), an innovative analytical tool that provides a greater understanding of your supply chain.

    This simple but flexible tool allows supply chains to be mapped, Business Interruption losses quantified and supply chains and inventories to be stress tested with different threats and scenarios.  These scenarios can be defined by the user or based on industry research of outage events ranging from fire and natural hazards through to regulatory shutdown and insolvency.

    SCAIRTM enables supply chain and risk professionals to:

    • Draw on existing business data to estimate the financial loss to the business, should a critical supply point fail.
    • Quantify the combined exposure of the company’s portfolio of products to each critical supply chain dependency and supplier.
    • Generate a range of reports which prioritize internal and external supply chain dependencies by financial loss exposure and scenario.

    SCAIRTM is a web based tool which includes geographical location mapping and enhanced drill up/down reporting.