• Enterprise Risk Management & Related Assessments

    Our team of experts has successfully developed and implemented global Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems that have been publicly recognized as “best in class”.  Working within the various recognized Enterprise Risk Management frameworks, we can help your company develop an effective, sustainable Enterprise Risk Management program that is specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs and corporate culture.  Just as importantly, we align our efforts with the budget and strategic planning cycle requirements of your company.


    Services we provide:

    • Customized Enterprise Risk Management Programming tailored to your Company’s Risk Profile, Organization, and Culture
    • Processes to Comparatively Assess different forms of Risk within the Organization
    • Risk Reporting and Tracking Programs
    • Annual Audit Capabilities
    • Mitigation Activity Coordination and Project Management


    CRL can help your organization to develop a more complete understanding of the various risks that it confronts, as well as their potential consequences to the Company, it’s Board and Management, and its Stakeholders.  Just as importantly, CRL can assist your company to develop effective strategies and programs to mitigate those risks that could impact critical goals and objectives.